oddities . . .

the distortion of henry series was created from a small sculpture i did of a funky little guy who became “henry” . . . mixed media on paper 10 x 18 375.00 unframed Post Views: 11

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back in the studio

ranchos light 11 X 15 mixed media / acrylic on 140lb paper this has always been one of my favorite churches . . . I have painted it often and will continue to explore the possibilities of expressing my vision of this sacred building. . . Post Views: 14

new florals

sometimes we have to explore other mediums and new ways of expressing ourselves . . . branching out in oils orange roses – 1 oil on canvas 8 x 16 gallery wrap sold orange roses – 2 oil on canvas 5 X 7 orange roses – 3 oil on panel 6 X 6 orange roses… Continue reading new florals

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resilience series

resilience – 1 new series of 22 images expressing resilience …. pen and ink drawings resilience – 2 resilience – 3 resilience – 4 Post Views: 26

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renee steger simpson

Shape, color, passion…and no more rules! Post Views: 16


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Sacred Heart… Uncategorized Sacred Heart… Here’s to a year of black and white!!!! #blackandwhite – these are fun…. it’s like learning a foreign language…. February 8, 2021Leave a comment The Snooty Women Series… The Snooty Women Series®️ Inventory time….looks like this is the only remaining piece in this series. Several years ago a collector fell in… Continue reading Blogs from previous site …click here